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Covering the villages of Wilsden and Harecroft

A number of ways are used to ensure that historic buildings are protected and conserved for future generations. Listed Buildings have been designated as having special architectural or historic interest and they are maintained on a national list and subject to special regulations on how they can be changed. Where an area of a town or village has an area that is of architectural or historic interest but many of the buildings are not by themselves worthy of being Listed Buildings a Conservation Area can be established.

Within the Wilsden Parish Council area we have both a number of Listed Buildings and a Conservation Area.

Many owners of houses and other buildings in the District’s conservation areas wanted to know how to maintain, repair and restore their own properties and help to maintain or enhance the special character of their conservation area.

Listed Buildings in Wilsden and Harecroft

On a national basis all buildings are categorised into one of three grades depending upon the importance of their architectural or historic interest. These Grades are I, II* and II with all the buildings in the Parish Council are falling into Grade II, which is the lowest category. A copy of a Guide to Listed Buildings produced by Bradford Council can be downloaded here. There are 21 listed buildings in our area of which 11 are in the Wilsden Conservation Area and 10 are outside. We have given details of the individual buildings separately.

Wilsden Conservation Area

This was established in 1977 and covers the historic core of the village in a linear pattern along Main Street, with Wilsden Hill constituting an isolated agricultural hamlet. The area is overwhelmingly residential in character, but also retains a strong retail and commercial function, with some of the mills used for light industry. This description of the Wilsden Conservation Area is based upon the assessment carried out by Bradford Council in 2003.