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17th November - 23rd November 1914

This week in 1914

“Speaking of the Scots Greys [2nd Dragoon Regiment], a captured German officer said “our men were absolutely terrified of these mad devils on grey horses”
Keighley News, 21st November 1914


  • November 17th – “German Regiment lured by spies, all drowned”. French spies opened a number of sluice gates on a dam in North-Western Belgium, causing “a mighty wave of water” that trapped a German battalion deployed on the low lying floodplains.
  • November 21st – The first long range bombing mission of the war was carried out, by British biplanes flying from France to bomb German Zeppelin sheds on Lake Constance. One British aviator who had to make a forced landing was attacked by German civilians and had to be rescued by German soldiers.
  • November 21st – A letter has received by Mr. William Morley of Keighley from his son Herbert, who is in business in Samoa, a German colony later captured by the Royal Navy. Herbert Morley’s letter was dated from the 27th of July, and tells of six German warships docking in Samoa; “probably… just a bit of a show-off”


“FORTHCOMING WAR LECTURE... the second of the Daily Mail war lectures - “How British Pluck won through in France”- will be given by the rector of Keighley next Thursday


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