This group was set up in 2019. Its purpose is to act, liaise, co-ordinate, refer or report matters that fall under its breadth of consideration.

These include:

  1. Fly-tipping 
  2. Anti-Social Behaviour (drug taking, verbal assault, littering)
  3. Loitering (most notably congregations of youths)
  4. Vandalism & Graffiti (including the Park play equipment)
  5. Poor or broken Street Lighting
  6. Speeding Motorists
  7. Neighbourhood Watch promotion
  8. Parking issues
  9. Road signage
  10. SIDs and VARs  

In many instances, we will assist residents in being able to report these matters directly to Bradford Council or the Police. This will be through social media and Wilsdener advices, or in direct reply to contact. Where applicable, we may be able to co-ordinate the submission to the appropriate organisation as a collective on behalf of multiple residents.

For some matters, such as littering, vandalism and graffiti, broken street lights and road signage, we hope that the newly appointed Village Warden will be able to spot and either directly handle matters or report items.

We will always consult residents on major initiatives prior to implementation, such as we did for the Harecroft 20 mph zone initiative, the introduction of horse and cattle signage (yet to be installed) and school parking. We also plan to engage on the prospects of introducing a Speed Watch Group and adding CCTV cameras to key village areas, such as the Park.