Wilsden Parish Council Logo

When the Parish Council started in 2004 we looked around to see if there was a historic coat of arms or logo we could adopt but did not find anything. After much discussion we decided to look to the young people of the village to design a logo for the Parish Council. In 2005 we approached Wilsden Primary School about establishing a competition for Year 6 pupils to design our logo. This competition involved 12 teams of four or five pupils who had to not only design a new logo but to present their results to a group of parish councillors. The overall standard of the presentations was extremely high but one team was unanimously selected by the Council as the winning entry.

Wilsden Parish Council LogoThe winning design was both the simplest and the most distinctive. The circle represents how the village is evolving with the Parish Council representing the whole village. The blue lettering represents all the streams and springs in the area.

Wilsden Parish Council LogoThe chimneys represent the industrial heritage of the village. The hill shows the type of countryside around our village. The sheep shows that the village originally grew up based around farming and the when the mills were developed they were largely devoted to processing wool.

Wilsden Parish Council LogoThe members of the winning team were Emily Drake, Hannah Chadwick, Jenny Scott, Rachel Capstick and Safiya Allaf. The logo was officially launched in November 2005 and the Parish Council has used this proudly ever since.