Friends of Wilsden Park

Friends of Wilsden Park is a separately constituted group which aims to improve and enhance Wilsden Park for the benefit of all residents of the village.  It liaises with the Parish Council and Bradford Council to give all users and potential users a say in how the park might be developed and also do practical things such as litter-picking and reporting problems. 

We hold events in the park such as the annual easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday afternoon, and other family-friendly activities such as the Land Art Day and Bicentenary of Waterloo. We hope that these continue to be popular and well supported by the village.  Initially we are aiming to raise the profile of the ‘Friends of Wilsden Park’ and increase the use of the park, with a long term strategy to plan and implement projects which will enhance the park. We have started small, with the purchase of five planters for the top of the wall between the park entrance and the car park’ for which we received a grant from Shipley Community Chest. We intend to graduate to bigger things!

Meetings are held approximately monthly and everybody is most welcome to come along.  Dates of the meetings are sent out to the ‘Friends of Wilsden Park’ by email. If you care about the park and want to see it become a jewel in the centre of our village, become a ‘Friend’ by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07986 294757.

Please ‘like’ us and share our facebook page with friends.  Photos of the park and our events can be found on there.